About me, about the studio

I am freelance designer from Hamburg, Germany. My design studio has been around for 3 years, in which it has made a big development. 

I offer services in the field of graphic design and communication methods for companies and startups. The main operation objectives are web design, graphic design, layout, print and advertising.

I am part of a network of freelance designers in the field of communication design. We deal with the communication of companies to the public with a focus on corporate and digital identities.

After my studies in visual communications, I moved to england for further education.

Find out more about me on Xing or LinkedIn.


Design is strongly influenced by trends,
culture and environment, which is why the studio
has developed through influence abroad.

The change


The studio has made a big development in
the last 3 years,
that’s why it got a new face.
The „k“ stands for the name and philosophy.

The change of design trends is rapid. Like
clothing that looks after the 80’s, it
also applies to design. I join in and follow the
trends. The time I branch off
stands for the the quality of my work.

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