The project.

Heartbeat is a spacious work in the field app design and web design.
The project is a dating app that gives you the partner suggestions generated according to the same music interests. It includes the app, a business stationary a website, an advertising campaign, an explanatory video and a commercial.

The concept.

The design concept of the entire project works with overlapping elements – just as the musical taste of a person overlaps with that of a proposal. The app is customized to the user. The color of the elements in the app adapt to the musical taste of the users. It has also a messenger and an event function via the app can obtain information from Facebook.

In addition, the screen design includes its own icon language.


The website is a OnePager,
which explains the app in detail.

Advertising campaign.

The poster campaign includes three posters. The motifs show couples
who met each other via heartbeat.

The idea is to appeal against the superficiality oftraditional dating apps.
The respective partners embody the stereotypes of different genres of music.

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