The project.

The launching campaign for the german airport „BER“ was a
project that we specially designed for the ADC award.

The idea.

The campaign has the purpose to prepare the german population for
the launch of the airport. The campaign is a city-internally but also a


The campaign is divided into 3 steps.

Three steps in which the campaign is changing.
Like the airport is an unfinished Construction project, unfinished
posters will be displayed as unfinished as the airport itself.

The campaign.

The city-internal campaign only refers
on the public places as well as the installations in Berlin itself.

The steps.

STEP I. The main idea is that the people got the attention to known
signs and installations. (missing letters „BER“)

STEP II. Unfinished posters will be published in public places to show
the state of the airport.

STEP III. Shortly before the launch of the airport the campaign is completed.

The people who are following this campaign
have to finish the unfinished posters in their minds as they
have to imagine the finished airport.


This project was created in collaboration
with Moritz Moysig and Manuel Friese.

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